Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I buy Beveltools products?
Here is the complete list of distributors. In countries with no distribution, the products will be delivered from the Netherlands.
Why would I buy Beveltools products?
Four main reasons to choose Beveltools include:


  • The constant and consistent quality, eliminating the need for finishing
  • The increased speed and productivity
  • The improved working conditions due to the fact that no hazardous dust particles and/or combustion gases are released.
  • Considerably lower noise than other mechanical beveling machines.



What is the standard delivery time?
In general all products are in stock, resulting in an immediate delivery. The exact delivery time depends on several aspects:

  • New or existing client
  • Payment conditions
  • Location


Does the beveled material require finishing?
The Beveltools products provide a perfect end result, eliminating the need for finishing.
Can I use a single machine for beveling and rounding?
With the Beveltools concepts you can indeed use the same machine for beveling as well as for rounding. The bevel head determines the application of the machine.
Help! My application is not listed.
Our R&D department is continuously working on the further development of the Beveltools product range. Should you be looking for a different application than shown on our website, please send us a message indicating your application. At that time we can jointly explore whether we can develop a solution.
I would like to see and try this!
Please click here to request a demonstration at your location or at the Beveltools office.

Beveltools machines

How deep can you bevel in one pass?
The recommended depth depends on the material to be beveled, on average 2-6 mm per run. The softer the metal, the deeper the bevel can be in a single pass.

  • S235 – 4-5 mm
  • >S355 – 2-4 mm
  • INOX – 2-3 mm
  • ALU – 4-6 mm
What applications are these tools intended for?
The Beveltools products are intended for beveling and rounding of a variety of metals.
What type of warranty is offered for the Beveltools machines?
The warranty period for all Beveltools machines is 12 months. Improper use of the tool and normal wear and tear is not included in the warranty.
How do I know which tool is right for my needs?

Bevel Mate® concept


Bevel Mite® concept
Rounding holes, between 5/8” – 7/8” (16 – 22 mm):
Rounding holes larger than 7/8” (22 mm):
The depth of the bevel you require is more than ¼” (6 mm):
The depth of the bevel you require is less than ¼” (6 mm):
You have many metres of metal that require beveling/rounding:
Is protective clothing required when using Beveltools machines?

Yes, Beveltools always recommends the use of hearing, face and hand protection.

Beveltools bevel heads

Can I use Bevel Mite® bevel heads on Bevel Mate® machines? (and vice versa)

No, the bevel heads and machines of the different concepts cannot be exchanged.

What materials can I use the bevel heads?
Currently a vast range of metals can be machined. The steel bevel head (STL) are ideal for use on the most common types of steel, such as S235. The premium bevel head (PRE) are ideal for use on stronger types of construction steel and plasma/laser cut steel. The aluminum bevel head (ALU) is perfect for use on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, and harder plastics.

Make sure to use the correct bevel head for your material in order to achieve an impeccable end result.

How many linear feet does each bevel head last?
Experience shows that with correct and careful use, you can bevel 330 to 460 ft with only one bevel head. For rounding, you can achieve 390 to 650 ft.
Can I resharpen the Beveltools bevel heads?
Beveltools recommends not to resharpen the bevel heads for reuse.
How can I determine the correct bevel head for my project?
Here are the steps to determine the correct router head to use:

  • Determine the total distance to be machined.
    For shorter distances or for beveling in small openings / holes the Bevel Mite® concept is the best option. For longer distances the Bevel Mate® concept is the best Beveltools solution.
  • Determine the application; angle or radius / beveling or rounding.
    When selecting a bevel head, please pay attention to the position of the machine in relation to the material. For example: beveling with a 30° bevel head gives a 60° bevel to the metal.
  • Determine the required bevel depth.
    The Bevel Mite concept® is designed for a maximum depth of 6 mm. A depth of 12 mm can be achieved when using the Bevel Mate® concept.
  • Determine the material to be machined
Type bevel head

S235 >S355 Plasma/laser cut steel Stainless steel 304 Non-ferrous metals
Steel bevel head steel_01
Premium bevel head premium
Aluminum bevel head